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12001073 Prediction of survival in patients with head and neck cancer using the histoculture drug response assay.  
12399054 Hepatic artery embolization for control of symptoms, octreotide requirements, and tumor progression in metastatic carcinoid tumors.  
12485752 Microbial contamination on beef and sheep carcases in South Australia.  
12512890 Control of bleeding in endoscopic sinus surgery: use of a novel gelatin-based hemostatic agent.  
12728333 Nonlinear simulation of tumor growth.  
12940064 [Study on the economical, simple and convenient infrared airtight pool].  
15079782 Randomised controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of TachoComb H patches in controlling PTFE suture-hole bleeding.  
15653163 Controlling release from the lipidic cubic phase by selective alkylation.  
16003983 Development of a hybrid ozonation biofilm-membrane filatration process for the production of drinking water.  
16621353 Ovarian follicular dynamics after cauterization of the dominant follicle in anestrous ewes.  

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