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19679343 N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC) inhibits proliferation, collagen gene transcription, and redox stress in rat palatal mucosal cells.  
19820595 Comparison of 10 hemostatic dressings in a groin transection model in swine.  
19963026 Local controlled release of VEGF and PDGF from a combined brushite-chitosan system enhances bone regeneration.  
20109003 Ethanol ablation of renal cell carcinoma for palliation of symptoms in advanced disease.  
20452015 Cartilage tissue engineering using funnel-like collagen sponges prepared with embossing ice particulate templates.  
20976513 Control of presacral venous bleeding with helical tacks on PTFE pledgets combined with pelvic packing.  
2105201 Superovulation of ewes immunized against the human recombinant inhibin alpha-subunit associated with increased pre- and postovulatory follicle-stimulating hormone levels.  
21654294 Use of fibrin-based sealants and gelatin-matrix hemostats in laparoscopic liver surgery.  
21680435 Origin of the metazoan immune system: identification of the molecules and their functions in sponges.  
21882898 Inhibition of marine biofouling by bacterial quorum sensing inhibitors.  

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