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21922971 Comparison of purified plant polysaccharide (HemoStase) versus gelatin-thrombin matrix (FloSeal) in controlling bleeding during sinus surgery: a randomized controlled trial.  
22407745 A screening method to assess biological effects of microRNA overexpression in Chinese hamster ovary cells.  
22491602 Determination of efficacy of novel modified chitosan sponge dressing in a lethal arterial injury model in swine.  
22495520 Lidocaine Analgesia for Removal of Wound Vacuum-Assisted Closure Dressings: A Randomized Double-Blinded Placebo-Controlled Trial.  
22527032 Operating conditions optimization for (+)-terrein production in a stirred bioreactor by Aspergillus terreus strain PF-26 from marine sponge Phakellia fusca.  
22928820 Nocturnin in the demosponge Suberites domuncula: a potential circadian clock protein controlling glycogenin synthesis in sponges.  
3976637 Transcatheter embolization of the dorsal pancreatic artery to control massive postoperative bleeding.  
6391421 Massive hematuria following percutaneous biopsy of renal allograft. Successful control by selective embolization.  
6484538 Effect of D-penicillamine pre- and post-implantation treatment on formation of sponge-induced granulation tissue in rats.  
7542668 The state of actin assembly regulates actin and vinculin expression by a feedback loop.  

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