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12753601 Supplemental L-arginine enhances wound healing in diabetic rats.  
12822640 A pig model of chronic heart failure by intracoronary embolization with gelatin sponge.  
12971704 Effects of perceptual learning exercises on standing balance using a hardness discrimination task in hemiplegic patients following stroke: a randomized controlled pilot trial.  
12974413 Effects of rogar and endosulfan on the metabolism of fresh water sponge (Spongilla lacustris).  
1321265 [A fifty-two week oral chronic toxicity study of suplatast tosilate (IPD-1151T) in rats].  
1384642 Effects of tumour cells on angiogenesis and vasoconstrictor responses in sponge implants in mice.  
1384855 Reversible depigmentation of human melanoma cells by halistanol trisulphate, a novel marine sterol.  
1390444 Effect of chemical modifications on the susceptibility of collagen to proteolysis. II. Dehydrothermal crosslinking.  
1423910 Hepatic insulin resistance during chronic hyperdynamic sepsis.  
14757481 Effect of GnRH antagonists treatment on gonadotrophin secretion, follicular development and inhibin A secretion in goats.  

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