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10776929 The bone regenerative effect of platelet-derived growth factor-BB delivered with a chitosan/tricalcium phosphate sponge carrier.  
11469891 Endothelial implants provide long-term control of vascular repair in a porcine model of arterial injury.  
1435510 Inhibition of calcification in vivo by acyl azide cross-linking of a collagen-glycosaminoglycan sponge.  
16503513 Preparation and bioactivity of human hair keratin-collagen sponge, a new type of dermal analogue.  
17269443 Human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells seeded on modified collagen improved dermal regeneration in vivo.  
17680668 Haptide-coated collagen sponge as a bioactive matrix for tissue regeneration.  
18316708 Efficacy and safety of biodegradable collagen-glycosaminoglycan polymer as a material for scleral buckling.  
19728622 [Preparation and biocompatibility evaluation of novel cartilage acellular matrix sponge].  
20345891 An evolutionary fast-track to biocalcification.  
20736801 Local antibiotic delivery using tailorable chitosan sponges: the future of infection control?  

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