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16499440 Alginate/galactosylated chitosan/heparin scaffold as a new synthetic extracellular matrix for hepatocytes.  
17244321 Supplemental L-arginine enhances wound healing following trauma/hemorrhagic shock.  
17335401 Spontaneous large volume adipose tissue generation from a vascularized pedicled fat flap inside a chamber space.  
179518 Sleep monitoring: the second manned Skylab mission.  
18031802 A new strategy for superior reproductive performance of ewes bred out-of-season utilizing progestagen supplement prior to withdrawal of intravaginal pessaries.  
18265491 Elevated catecholamine levels and mono aminooxidase activity in the hypophysis of EWES following hormonal stimulation with serum gonadotropin.  
18688174 Inflammatory markers in the tears of patients with ocular surface disease.  
18766350 Menses recovery and fertility after artery embolization for PPH: a single-center retrospective observational study.  
19025500 The effects of elevated osmotic concentration on control of germination in the gemmules of freshwater sponges Eunapius fragilis and Anheteromeyania ryderi.  
20031169 Effect of pravastatin on experimental diabetic wound healing.  

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