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21726857 The influence of Bone Morphogenic Protein-2 on the consolidation phase in a distraction osteogenesis model.  
21750048 IGFBP-2 enhances VEGF gene promoter activity and consequent promotion of angiogenesis by neuroblastoma cells.  
21840154 Influence of diabetes and perivascular allogeneic endothelial cell implants on arteriovenous fistula remodeling.  
21882012 Blood vessel wall-derived endothelial colony-forming cells enhance fracture repair and bone regeneration.  
22030488 Regenerative surgery in cranioplasty revisited: the role of adipose-derived stem cells and BMP-2.  
22041628 [Effects of local application of zoledronic acid on bone healing of tooth extraction in rats].  
22197592 Assessment of silk fibroin for the repair of buccal mucosa in a rat model.  
22255118 An implantable electrical bioreactor for enhancement of cell viability.  
22295083 Crustose coralline algae and a cnidarian neuropeptide trigger larval settlement in two coral reef sponges.  
22429111 A hybrid silk/RADA-based fibrous scaffold with triple hierarchy for ligament regeneration.  

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