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22497226 Effect of intermittent PTH(1-34) on human periodontal ligament cells transplanted into immunocompromised mice.  
22497323 Lumbar posterolateral fusion using heparin-conjugated fibrin for sustained delivery of bone morphogenic protein-2 in a rabbit model.  
22498142 Healing of laser-induced tympanic membrane perforations in rats: no contribution of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor or Gelfoam.  
22692075 Novel multifunctional platforms for potential treatment of cutaneous wounds: Development and in vitro characterization.  
22852016 Alginic acid sodium hydrogel co-transplantation with Schwann cells for rat spinal cord repair.  
22883585 [Investigation of the effect of heparin gelatin sponge stickers for traumatic tympanic membrane perforation].  
23212098 A physiological role for connective tissue growth factor in early wound healing.  
23255200 Self-Associated Submicron IgG1 Particles for Pulmonary Delivery: Effects of Non-ionic Surfactants on Size, Shape, Stability, and Aerosol Performance.  
23282141 Hypoxic conditioning enhances the angiogenic paracrine activity of human adipose-derived stem cells.  
2450352 Growth regulation of skin cells by epidermal cell-derived factors: implications for wound healing.  

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