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22491602 Determination of efficacy of novel modified chitosan sponge dressing in a lethal arterial injury model in swine.  
22523456 Evaluation and quantification of angiogenesis activity of terminalia bellirica roxb, by mice sponge implantation method.  
22618762 Effect of bone morphogenetic protein 2 on tendon-to-bone healing in a canine flexor tendon model.  
22623280 Enhanced osteoblast differentiation on scaffolds coated with TiO2 compared to SiO2 and CaP coatings.  
22802918 Safety of intra-articular use of atelocollagen for enhanced tissue repair.  
22879939 TGFβ-stimulated microRNA-21 utilizes PTEN to orchestrate AKT/mTORC1 signaling for mesangial cell hypertrophy and matrix expansion.  
22894570 Enhanced Control of In Vivo Bone Formation with Surface Functionalized Alginate Microbeads Incorporating Heparin and Human Bone Morphorgenic Protein-2.  
23085955 Enhanced production of (+)-terrein in fed-batch cultivation of Aspergillus terreus strain PF26 with sodium citrate.  
23190396 Elucidation of the role of carbon nanotube patterns on the development of cultured neuronal cells.  
23212098 A physiological role for connective tissue growth factor in early wound healing.  

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