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3563846 Accelerated tissue repair induced by micrococcus varians.  
3782179 Collagen-based wound dressings: control of the pore structure and morphology.  
447481 The effect of vitamin A on the migration and DNA synthesis of rat bladder tumor cell line NBT II in culture.  
6279736 Enhanced susceptibility of mice infected with murine cytomegalovirus to intranasal challenge with Escherichia coli: pathogenesis and altered inflammatory response.  
6311912 Impaired migratory and chemotactic activity of neutrophils during murine cytomegalovirus infection.  
6381385 Enhanced drug retention in VX2 tumors by use of degradable starch microspheres.  
6484538 Effect of D-penicillamine pre- and post-implantation treatment on formation of sponge-induced granulation tissue in rats.  
7001856 Contrast enhancement pharmacokinetics in experimental pancreatitis, diabetes and subcutaneous granuloma.  
7522605 Platelet derived wound healing factors (PDWHF) accelerate and augment wound healing angiogenesis in the rat.  
7622634 Increased collagen degradation by experimentally-induced granulation tissue inoculated with bacteria.  

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