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7846902 Stimulation of wound healing by the immunomodulator LS-2616 (Linomide).  
823114 Rat polyvinyl sponge model for the study of infections: host factors and microbial proliferation.  
8483185 Effect of thermal injury and sepsis on neutrophil function.  
8924898 Enhancing effects of agelasphin-11 on natural killer cell activities of normal and tumor-bearing mice.  
9021919 MIP-1 alpha contributes to the anticryptococcal delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction and protection against Cryptococcus neoformans.  
9135167 Importance of delivery systems for growth-stimulatory factors in combination with osteopromotive membranes. An experimental study using rhBMP-2 in rat mandibular defects.  
9389523 The cortical actin cytoskeleton of lactotropes as an intracellular target for the control of prolactin secretion.  
9502617 Thalidomide reduces vascular density in granulation tissue of subcutaneously implanted polyvinyl alcohol sponges in guinea pigs.  

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