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20484813 Fatty acid amide hydrolase shapes NKT cell responses by influencing the serum transport of lipid antigen in mice.  
21676810 Hydra and the evolution of apoptosis.  
21741783 Induction/synchronization of oestrus and ovulation in dairy goats with different short term treatments and fixed time intrauterine or exocervical insemination system.  
22763217 Bile salts predict liver regeneration in rabbit model of portal vein embolization.  
22997881 [The research on the induction of secretome by adipose tissue for adipose-derived stem cells].  
2478207 Induction of connective tissue by various alloplastic materials: an experimental study in rats.  
6222219 Fluid and mononuclear cells from healing wounds inhibit thymocyte immune responsiveness.  
6484538 Effect of D-penicillamine pre- and post-implantation treatment on formation of sponge-induced granulation tissue in rats.  
6532405 Induction and characterisation of local (simple) calcergy in granulation tissue in the rat by lead acetate injection into polyurethane sponges.  
6928948 Osteopoietin-humoral induction factor in osteogenesis.  

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