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7431155 The inflammatory response to lymph node cells from adjuvant-diseased rats: late changes in local and systemic leucocyte counts in the Wistar strain.  
7888046 Donor-specific cytotoxicity induced by allogeneic intestinal epithelial cells in a sponge matrix model.  
8393393 Early osteoinduction in rats is not altered by fibrin sealant.  
8514388 Characterization of cellular infiltrates and cytokine production during the expression phase of the anticryptococcal delayed-type hypersensitivity response.  
9065073 BMP-2 can inhibit bone healing. Bone-chamber study in rabbits.  
9810704 Establishment and characterization of osteoblast-like cell lines from retrovirus (RFB MuLV)-induced osteomas in mice.  
9827688 Influence of magnesium substitution on a collagen-apatite biomaterial on the production of a calcifying matrix by human osteoblasts.  
9828261 Induction of DNA strand breaks and expression of HSP70 and GRP78 homolog by cadmium in the marine sponge Suberites domuncula.  

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