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14661881 A collagen-phosphophoryn sponge as a scaffold for bone tissue engineering.  
15020152 Denatured collagen as support for a FGF-2 delivery system: physicochemical characterizations and in vitro release kinetics and bioactivity.  
15380637 Type I collagen can function as a reservoir of basic fibroblast growth factor.  
15825638 Analysis of the sponge [Porifera] gene repertoire: implications for the evolution of the metazoan body plan.  
16644146 Identification of cis and trans-acting transcriptional regulators in chondroinduced fibroblasts from the pre-phenotypic gene expression profile.  
16727864 Effects of LH administration at the end of an FSH superovulatory regimen on ovulation rate and embryo production in three breeds of sheep.  
20705005 Linking lipid metabolism to immunity: The role of lipid transfer proteins in the selection of iNKT cells.  
21139802 Cell adhesion molecule CD44: its functional roles in prostate cancer.  
22967000 Perlecan domain 1 recombinant proteoglycan augments BMP-2 activity and osteogenesis.  
4004720 Control of L5178y cell growth by the galactose-specific lectin from Geodia cydonium.  

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