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10395443 Interaction of 3-alkylpyridinium polymers from the sea sponge Reniera sarai with insect acetylcholinesterase.  
10421694 The development of an embedding technique for polylactide sponges.  
10434284 Bone regeneration with recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2) using absorbable collagen sponges (ACS): influence of processing on ACS characteristics and formulation.  
10649926 Dentin permeability after toothbrushing with different toothpastes.  
10672992 The effect of pentadecapeptide BPC 157, H2-blockers, omeprazole and sucralfate on new vessels and new granulation tissue formation.  
10829415 Comparative analysis of different collagen-based biomaterials as scaffolds for long-term culture of human fibroblasts.  
11106623 Electrostatic control of phospholipid polymorphism.  
11496183 Influence of different biodegradable carriers on the in vivo behavior of human adipose precursor cells.  
11925077 Field verification of predator attraction to minnow alarm substance.  
12094543 Evaluation of cisplatin in combination with a biologic response modifier in a murine mammary carcinoma model.  

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