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14662131 Ultrasound and endocrine evaluation of the ovarian response to a single dose of 500 IU of eCG following a 12-day treatment with progestogen-releasing intravaginal sponges in the breeding and nonbreeding seasons in ewes.  
15106730 Generation of a specific immunological response to FGF-2 does not affect wound healing or reproduction.  
15380637 Type I collagen can function as a reservoir of basic fibroblast growth factor.  
15629803 The effects of ram exposure during progestagen oestrus synchronisation and time of ram introduction post progestagen withdrawal on fertility in ewes.  
15825638 Analysis of the sponge [Porifera] gene repertoire: implications for the evolution of the metazoan body plan.  
16113371 Trypan blue identifies antimetabolite treatment area in trabeculectomy.  
16499440 Alginate/galactosylated chitosan/heparin scaffold as a new synthetic extracellular matrix for hepatocytes.  
16674303 Macroporous elastomeric scaffolds with extensive micropores for soft tissue engineering.  
16726102 Effect of PMSG dosage on the reproductive performance of adult ewes and ewe lambs bred at a progestagen-PMSG synchronized estrus.  
16759734 Sustained delivery of plasmid DNA from polymeric scaffolds for tissue engineering.  

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