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20040155 Design of a matrix for cultured dermal substitute suitable for simultaneous transplantation with auto-skin graft: evaluation in animal test.  
20189735 Effect of estradiol benzoate used at the start of a progestagen treatment on superovulatory response and embryo yield in lactating and non-lactating llamas.  
20223944 Relationship between dynamic balance measures and functional performance in community-dwelling elderly people.  
20607136 Cell-cell signaling drives the evolution of complex traits: introduction-lung evo-devo.  
21699230 Electrochemically triggered Au nanoparticles "sponges" for the controlled uptake and release of a photoisomerizable dithienylethene guest substrate.  
21706574 Gold nanoparticle-hybridized "nano-sponge" polymer coatings to enhance the reliability and sensitivity of biosensors.  
21799138 Effects of an interactive computer game exercise regimen on balance impairment in frail community-dwelling older adults: a randomized controlled trial.  
22115295 Temporal and spatial variation in the fouling of silicone coatings in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  
22194839 Controls on coral-ground development along the northern Mesoamerican Reef tract.  
22264176 Delayed onset of paralysis and slowed tumor growth following in situ placement of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein 2 within spine tumors in a rat model of metastatic breast cancer.  

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