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12822364 [Primary research of repairing large articular cartilage defect by tissue-engineering cartilage in rabbits].  
16234976 Vascular endothelial growth factor gene-activated matrix (VEGF165-GAM) enhances osteogenesis and angiogenesis in large segmental bone defects.  
17088975 Marine sponge-derived polymeric alkylpyridinium salts as a novel tumor chemotherapeutic targeting the cholinergic system in lung tumors.  
17089785 Tissue assembly guided via substrate biophysics: applications to hepatocellular engineering.  
17770077 Tactics of acclimation: morphological changes of sponges in an unpredictable environment.  
18050624 [Effect of lysis of acupotomology on plasma vasoactive substance levels in rats with third lumbar vertebra transverse process syndrome].  
18386640 [Effect of acupotomy lysis on SP and CCK-8 contents in hypothalamus and spinal cord in rats with transverse process syndrome of the third lumbar vertebra].  
19191514 Tensile stimulation of murine stem cell-collagen sponge constructs increases collagen type I gene expression and linear stiffness.  
19331759 Acute conjunctivitis with episcleritis and anterior uveitis linked to adiaspiromycosis and freshwater sponges, Amazon region, Brazil, 2005.  
20187451 [Experimental study on bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells seeded in chitosan-alginate scaffolds for repairing spinal cord injury].  

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