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11784118 Wound healing: the role of gap junctional communication in rat granulation tissue maturation.  
12654565 Modulation of growth factor and cytokine expression by nitric oxide during rat colon anastomotic healing.  
12788665 Sepsis alters vessel contraction by adrenoceptor-induced nitric oxide and prostanoid.  
15699161 Modulation of macrophage phenotype by soluble product(s) released from neutrophils.  
16055183 3D fiber-deposited scaffolds for tissue engineering: influence of pores geometry and architecture on dynamic mechanical properties.  
16104961 Analysis of rat calvaria defects implanted with a platelet-rich plasma preparation: histologic and histometric observations.  
16995794 Gene regulation ex vivo within a wrap-around tendon.  
17089785 Tissue assembly guided via substrate biophysics: applications to hepatocellular engineering.  
17129347 Analysis of the effects of chitosan on inflammation, angiogenesis, fibroplasia, and collagen deposition in polyvinyl alcohol sponge implants in rat wounds.  
17441960 Interleukin-6 (IL-6) modulates migration and matrix metalloproteinase function in dermal fibroblasts from IL-6KO mice.  

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