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15939464 Follicular growth, endocrine response and embryo yields in sheep superovulated with FSH after pretreatment with a single short-acting dose of GnRH antagonist.  
16108211 Endocrine and ovarian changes in response to the ram effect in medroxyprogesterone acetate-primed Corriedale ewes during the breeding and nonbreeding season.  
16139615 Induction of the presence of corpus luteum during superovulatory treatments enhances in vivo and in vitro blastocysts output in sheep.  
16154300 Administration of 6-methoxybenzoxazolinone (MBOA) does not augment ovulatory responses in St. Croix White ewes superovulated with PMSG.  
1625233 Effects of active immunization against a synthetic peptide sequence of the inhibin alpha-subunit on plasma gonadotrophin concentrations, ovulation rate and lambing rate in ewes.  
16336995 Does injection of prostaglandin F(2alpha) (PGF2alpha) cause ovulation in anestrous Western White Face ewes?  
16621353 Ovarian follicular dynamics after cauterization of the dominant follicle in anestrous ewes.  
16726839 Time of ovulations in dairy goats induced to superovulate with porcine follicle stimulating hormone during and out of the breeding season.  
16726949 Effect of immunization on reproducvive performance, embryo quality and progesterone in Rasa Aragonesa ewes actively immunized against androstenedione or passively immunized against testosterone.  
16727767 Embryo production and endocrine response in ewes superovulated with PMSG, with or without monoclonal anti-PMSG administered at different times.  

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