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19137847 The effect of arginine supplementation on some blood parameters, ovulation rate and concentrations of estrogen and progesterone in female Awassi sheep.  
19185340 Efficiency of estrous synchronization in tropical sheep by combining short-interval cloprostenol-based protocols and "male effect".  
19473790 The effect of dietary supplementation with calcium salts of long chain fatty acids and/or L-carnitine on ovarian activity of Rahmani ewes.  
19616837 Ovarian response and embryo production in llamas treated with equine chorionic gonadotropin alone or with a progestin-releasing vaginal sponge at the time of follicular wave emergence.  
20189735 Effect of estradiol benzoate used at the start of a progestagen treatment on superovulatory response and embryo yield in lactating and non-lactating llamas.  
20358401 Efficiency of methods applied for goat estrous synchronization in subtropical monsoonal climate zone of Southwest China.  
2105201 Superovulation of ewes immunized against the human recombinant inhibin alpha-subunit associated with increased pre- and postovulatory follicle-stimulating hormone levels.  
2105369 Inhibin immunoneutralization by antibodies raised against synthetic peptide sequences of inhibin alpha subunit: effects on gonadotrophin concentrations and ovulation rate in sheep.  
21113201 The effects of a low therapeutic dose of βCG fragment-lytic peptide conjugates on ovarian function and gonadotropin secretion in ewes: a randomized controlled trial.  
21176867 Synchronization of oestrus and ovulation by short time combined FGA, PGF(2α), GnRH, eCG treatments for natural service or AI fixed-time.  

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