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3077740 Control of fertility and fecundity of sheep by means of hormonal manipulation.  
3271381 Effect of anti-oestradiol-17B antibodies on the reproductive response of ewes superovulated with PMSG.  
3307112 Ovarian response to PMSG and GnRH in ewes immunised against oestradiol-17 beta.  
3655607 Immunization against an inhibin subunit produced by recombinant DNA techniques results in increased ovulation rate in sheep.  
3806506 Fertilization and early embryonic development in androstenedione-immunized Merino ewes.  
383975 Oestrus, time of ovulation, ovulation rate and conception rate in progestagen-treated ewes given Gn-RH, Gn-TH analogues and gonadotrophins.  
4091757 Ovarian response to PMSG treatment in ewes immunized against oestradiol-17 beta.  
4180122 The relationship between dose of progestagen and method of preparation of intravaginal sponges on their effectiveness for the control of ovulation in the ewe.  
6339716 Fertility of sheep given antisera to steroids during anoestrus.  
6422611 Effect of reduced daylight length on oestrus occurrence and superovulatory response in ewes treated with follicle stimulating hormone during the non-breeding season.  

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