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6668406 [Benzalkonium chloride tampons. Local tolerance and effects on cervix mucus].  
8216753 Ram-induced short luteal phases: effects of hysterectomy and cellular composition of the corpus luteum.  
8501711 Relationship between ovulation rate and concentrations of insulin-like growth factor-1 in plasma during the oestrous cycle in various genotypes of sheep.  
8691112 The effect of ovarian arterial infusion of human recombinant inhibin and bovine follicular fluid on ovarian hormone secretion by ewes with an autotransplanted ovary.  
8786620 Effect of oxytocin treatment during oestrus on the ovulation rate of Merino ewes.  
9186934 The effect of treatment with a slow-releasing oxytocin preparation at the onset of oestrus on the ovulation rate of Merino ewes.  
9231247 Influence of an antiprogestin (onapristone) on in vivo and in vitro fertilization.  
9306979 Effects of supplementary treatment with bovine growth hormone on hormonal and ovulatory responses to inhibin immunization in ewes.  

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