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10588501 A comparative evaluation of hemostatic agents in the management of soft tissue graft donor site bleeding.  
12206610 Fibrin sealant facilitates hemostasis in arteriovenous polytetrafluoroethylene grafts for renal dialysis access.  
1341992 Oral anticoagulant therapy in patients undergoing dental surgery.  
1593323 Osseous regeneration in the presence of four common hemostatic agents.  
16235029 Clinical benefits and risk analysis of topical hemostats: a review.  
17368355 The effects of hemostatic agents on peripheral nerve function: an experimental study.  
176740 Antibacterial activity of oxidized regenerated cellulose.  
18981845 Comparative safety and efficacy of topical hemostatic agents in a rat neurosurgical model.  
19347258 Development of in situ-forming hydrogels for hemorrhage control.  
19421770 The effectiveness of FloSeal matrix hemostatic agent in thyroid surgery: a prospective, randomized, control study.  

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