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10437102 [An experimental study of prevention of peridural adhesion following laminectomy].  
10657448 Normal saline wound dressing--is it really normal?  
10689631 Clinical evaluation of a haemostatic and anti-adhesion preparation used to prevent post-surgical adhesion.  
10716009 Women's attitudes to condoms and female-controlled means of protection against HIV and STDs in south-western Uganda.  
10896819 Wound healing: captopril, an angiogenesis inhibitor, and Staphylococcus aureus peptidoglycan.  
11110272 Intrathoracic esophageal replacement with a collagen sponge--silicone double layer tube: evaluation of omental-pedicle wrapping and prolonged placement of an inner stent.  
11870137 In-vivo angiogenesis and progestogens.  
11872914 Role of the endothelial lining in persistence of residual lesions and growth of recurrences after endovascular treatment of experimental aneurysms.  
12378444 Application of collagen sponge scaffold to muscular defects of the esophagus: an experimental study in piglets.  
12430864 Role of NKT cells and alpha-galactosyl ceramide.  

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