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10751362 Inhibition of angiogenesis and vascular tumor growth by interferon-producing cells: A gene therapy approach.  
11842018 Morphological plasticity in the tropical sponge Anthosigmella varians: responses to predators and wave energy.  
13367330 Association of a new type of cytopathogenic myxovirus with infantile croup.  
15825643 Sustainable use of marine resources: cultivation of sponges.  
16003983 Development of a hybrid ozonation biofilm-membrane filatration process for the production of drinking water.  
16727833 In vitro production of sheep embryos using laparoscopic folliculocentesis: alternative gonadotrophin treatments for stimulation of oocyte donors.  
17295402 Template-directed control of crystal morphologies.  
17693824 Comparison of a new hemostatic agent to current combat hemostatic agents in a Swine model of lethal extremity arterial hemorrhage.  
18094803 Comparative study of several sinusitis experimental modelling techniques in rabbits.  
18621236 Morphological responses of dissociated sponge cells to different organic substrata.  

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