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12384069 Differential expression of inflammatory mediators in radiation-impaired wound healing.  
12462986 Effects of betamethasone, sulindac and quinacrine drugs on the inflammatory neoangiogenesis response induced by polyurethane sponge implanted in mouse.  
12485752 Microbial contamination on beef and sheep carcases in South Australia.  
12498390 Evidence for the causal role of endogenous interferon-alpha/beta in the regulation of angiogenesis, tumorigenicity, and metastasis of cutaneous neoplasms.  
12559722 hCG treatment on day of mating improves embryo viability and fertility in ewe lambs.  
12721113 Cacospongionolide B suppresses the expression of inflammatory enzymes and tumour necrosis factor-alpha by inhibiting nuclear factor-kappa B activation.  
12740096 Calcium phosphate-chitosan composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering.  
12947279 Ex vivo gene therapy with adenovirus-mediated transforming growth factor beta1 expression for endovascular treatment of aneurysm: results in a canine bilateral aneurysm model.  
134629 Platelets, Arthus-type reactions and inflammatory mediators.  
14511789 Efficacy of two types of vaginal sponges to control onset of oestrus, time of preovulatory LH peak and kidding rate in goats inseminated with variable numbers of spermatozoa.  

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