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18650733 The effects of systemic alendronate with or without intraalveolar collagen sponges on postextractive bone resorption: a single masked randomized clinical trial.  
19495844 Establishment and succession of an epibiotic community on chromated copper arsenate-treated wood in Mediterranean waters.  
19501971 Accelerated healing of skin burns by anti-Gal/alpha-gal liposomes interaction.  
20476660 [Assessment of seawater quality along the Asinara Gulf. Note 1: preliminary results of seawater monitoring using Dicentrarchus labrax and Sparus aurata as bioindicators].  
20615544 The effect of incorporation of exogenous stromal cell-derived factor-1 alpha within a knitted silk-collagen sponge scaffold on tendon regeneration.  
20859259 Targeted gene-and-host progenitor cell therapy for nonunion bone fracture repair.  
21249128 TWEAK appears as a modulator of endometrial IL-18 related cytotoxic activity of uterine natural killers.  
21360436 Alterations in the dynamics of inflammation, proliferation and apoptosis in subcutaneous implants of lupus-prone mice.  
22194839 Controls on coral-ground development along the northern Mesoamerican Reef tract.  
22295083 Crustose coralline algae and a cnidarian neuropeptide trigger larval settlement in two coral reef sponges.  

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