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22498142 Healing of laser-induced tympanic membrane perforations in rats: no contribution of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor or Gelfoam.  
4063993 A gelatin sponge model for studying tumor growth: flow cytometric analysis and quantitation of leukocytes and tumor cells in the EMT6 mouse tumor.  
8468658 Biology of fetal repair: the presence of bacteria in fetal wounds induces an adult-like healing response.  
8981236 Grafting of cultured microglial cells into the lesioned spinal cord of adult rats enhances neurite outgrowth.  
9135546 Kinetics of cellular infiltration and cytokine production during the efferent phase of a delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction.  
9137109 Regulation of local host-mediated anti-tumor mechanisms by cytokines: direct and indirect effects on leukocyte recruitment and angiogenesis.  
9755237 Efficacy of anti-intercellular adhesion molecule-1 immunotherapy on immune responses to allogeneic hepatocytes in mice.  

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