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9380357 Is mitomycin effective in preventing muscle migration after hang-back recession in a rabbit model?  
9436888 Assessment of anticollagenase treatments after insertion of a keratoprosthetic material in the rabbit cornea.  
9502617 Thalidomide reduces vascular density in granulation tissue of subcutaneously implanted polyvinyl alcohol sponges in guinea pigs.  
9643647 Reduction in basic fibroblast growth factor mediated angiogenesis in vivo by linomide.  
9720939 Comparison between plain and gentamicin containing collagen sponges in infected peritoneal cavity in rats.  
9827688 Influence of magnesium substitution on a collagen-apatite biomaterial on the production of a calcifying matrix by human osteoblasts.  
987762 Ischemic therapy in thrombocytopenia from hypersplenism.  
9973320 Sustained microgravity reduces intrinsic wound healing and growth factor responses in the rat.  

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