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22943229 Safety trial of Floseal(®) haemostatic agent in head and neck surgery.  
23070779 Synthetic hydrogel scaffold is an effective vehicle for delivery of INFUSE (rhBMP2) to critical-sized calvaria bone defects in rats.  
23197010 The Effect of Corticosteroid Administration on Soft Tissue Inflammation Associated with rhBMP-2 use in a Rodent Model of Inflammation.  
2597542 Development and clinical application of a new CAPD connection system--Safedap.  
566756 Topical hemostatic agents for bone bleeding in humans. A quantitative comparison of gelatin paste, gelatin sponge plus bovine thrombin, and microfibrillar collagen.  
6470827 Improvement of nitrogen retention by arginine and glycine supplementation and its relation to collagen synthesis in traumatized mature and aged rats.  
7873665 Conjugates of cis-4-hydroxy-L-proline and poly(PEG-Lys), a water soluble poly(ether urethane): synthesis and evaluation of antifibrotic effects in vitro and in vivo.  
9436888 Assessment of anticollagenase treatments after insertion of a keratoprosthetic material in the rabbit cornea.  
9457456 Long-term effects of postoperative subconjunctival injections of mitomycin-C in the rabbit eye.  
9537731 The effect of locally applied gauze drain impregnated with chlortetracycline ointment in mandibular third-molar surgery.  

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