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10643644 Pinealectomy-induced elevation of collagen content in the intact skin is suppressed by melatonin application.  
11175369 Ets target genes: past, present and future.  
15135146 Demineralized bone alters expression of Wnt network components during chondroinduction of post-natal fibroblasts.  
15196518 Influence of perceptual learning on standing posture balance: repeated training for hardness discrimination of foot sole.  
15579592 Ovarian follicular expression of mRNA encoding the type I IGF receptor and IGF-binding protein-2 in sheep following five days of nutritional supplementation with glucose, glucosamine or lupins.  
15653163 Controlling release from the lipidic cubic phase by selective alkylation.  
15917237 Characterization of 5,6- and 8,9-epoxyeicosatrienoic acids (5,6- and 8,9-EET) as potent in vivo angiogenic lipids.  
17513696 Evolution of the iron-responsive element.  
17952508 Quorum sensing antagonism from marine organisms.  
18093810 Regulation of silica morphology by proteins serving as a template for mineralization.  

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