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10732133 Follicular activity and ovulation regulated by exogenous progestagen and PMSG in anestrous ewes.  
11152920 Internet availability of contraceptives.  
11175369 Ets target genes: past, present and future.  
11796018 The effect of sepsis on wound healing.  
15579592 Ovarian follicular expression of mRNA encoding the type I IGF receptor and IGF-binding protein-2 in sheep following five days of nutritional supplementation with glucose, glucosamine or lupins.  
16644146 Identification of cis and trans-acting transcriptional regulators in chondroinduced fibroblasts from the pre-phenotypic gene expression profile.  
16939572 A role for decorin in cutaneous wound healing and angiogenesis.  
19252745 miRNA-dependent translational repression in the Drosophila ovary.  
19825533 An update on abscisic acid signaling in plants and more...  
20607136 Cell-cell signaling drives the evolution of complex traits: introduction-lung evo-devo.  

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