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20207743 RyR1-mediated Ca2+ leak and Ca2+ entry determine resting intracellular Ca2+ in skeletal myotubes.  
20345891 An evolutionary fast-track to biocalcification.  
20705005 Linking lipid metabolism to immunity: The role of lipid transfer proteins in the selection of iNKT cells.  
20724603 The calreticulin-binding sequence of thrombospondin 1 regulates collagen expression and organization during tissue remodeling.  
21355175 [Gossypiboma--retained textile foreign body].  
21532416 BMP-2-mediated regeneration of large-scale cranial defects in the canine: an examination of different carriers.  
21750048 IGFBP-2 enhances VEGF gene promoter activity and consequent promotion of angiogenesis by neuroblastoma cells.  
21785411 The microRNA miR-29 controls innate and adaptive immune responses to intracellular bacterial infection by targeting interferon-γ.  
22000014 A long noncoding RNA controls muscle differentiation by functioning as a competing endogenous RNA.  
22407745 A screening method to assess biological effects of microRNA overexpression in Chinese hamster ovary cells.  

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