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10191749 Enhanced tendon healing with GDF 5 and 6.  
10210646 Subacute sepsis impairs vascular smooth muscle contractile machinery and alters vasoconstrictor and dilator mechanisms.  
10923287 Scaffolds for engineering smooth muscle under cyclic mechanical strain conditions.  
1127832 Effects of gentamicin on the thyroid function of rats.  
11314792 Application of bone morphogenetic proteins in the treatment of clinical oral and maxillofacial osseous defects.  
11451972 Effect of bone morphogenetic protein-2-expressing muscle-derived cells on healing of critical-sized bone defects in mice.  
11814115 The efficacy of prevascularization by basic FGF for hepatocyte transplantation using polymer devices in rats.  
12080759 [Influence of modulatory activity of wound fluid on the characteristics of fibroblasts from irradiation and the action of phenytoin sodium].  
12430864 Role of NKT cells and alpha-galactosyl ceramide.  
12703892 Regeneration of hypogastric nerve using a polyglycolic acid (PGA)-collagen nerve conduit filled with collagen sponge proved electrophysiologically in a canine model.  

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