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15825643 Sustainable use of marine resources: cultivation of sponges.  
16136355 Bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP-2) and induction of tumor angiogenesis.  
16644146 Identification of cis and trans-acting transcriptional regulators in chondroinduced fibroblasts from the pre-phenotypic gene expression profile.  
17117584 Marine sponge metabolites for the control of inflammatory diseases.  
17623447 Macroporous gels prepared at subzero temperatures as novel materials for chromatography of particulate-containing fluids and cell culture applications.  
17708383 Nitric oxide restores impaired healing in normoglycaemic diabetic rats.  
17952508 Quorum sensing antagonism from marine organisms.  
18512987 Alisiaquinones and alisiaquinol, dual inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum enzyme targets from a New Caledonian deep water sponge.  
18928282 Extending pummerer reaction chemistry. Application to the total synthesis of (+/-)-dibromoagelaspongin.  
19794969 Systemic sclerosis-endothelial cell antiangiogenic pentraxin 3 and matrix metalloprotease 12 control human breast cancer tumor vascularization and development in mice.  

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