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23142521 Attenuation of miR-126 Activity Expands HSC In┬áVivo without Exhaustion.  
23144928 Inhibition of both protease and helicase activities of hepatitis C virus NS3 by an ethyl acetate extract of marine sponge Amphimedon sp.  
3257713 Isolation and reactivity of host effectors associated with the manifestation of concomitant tumor immunity.  
3952801 In vivo mechanisms of alloreactivity. III. Development of donor-specific antibody in sponge matrix allografts.  
6185453 Transcatheter microembolization with ferropolysaccharide. A new approach to ferromagnetic embolization of tumors: preliminary report.  
7791357 Differential TNF secretion by wound fibroblasts compared to normal fibroblasts in response to LPS.  
9389523 The cortical actin cytoskeleton of lactotropes as an intracellular target for the control of prolactin secretion.  

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