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14507218 A new cytotoxic and tubulin-interactive milnamide derivative from a marine sponge Cymbastela sp.  
14516872 Producing drugs from marine sponges.  
15043433 Discorhabdins I and L, cytotoxic alkaloids from the sponge Latrunculia brevis.  
15104515 New cytotoxic metabolites from a marine sponge Homaxinella sp.  
1522422 Psammaplysin C: a new cytotoxic dibromotyrosine-derived metabolite from the marine sponge Druinella (= Psammaplysilla) purpurea.  
15332840 Cytotoxic pyrroloiminoquinones from four new species of South African latrunculid sponges.  
15456519 Cytotoxicity of psammaplin A from a two-sponge association may correlate with the inhibition of DNA replication.  
15497940 Ingenamine G and cyclostellettamines G-I, K, and L from the new Brazilian species of marine sponge Pachychalina sp.  
15776311 Antiangiogenic, antimicrobial, and cytotoxic potential of sponge-associated bacteria.  
15810730 Hymeniacidon perleve associated bioactive bacterium pseudomonas sp. NJ6-3-1.  

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