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15901177 Mycapolyols A-F, new cytotoxic metabolites of mixed biogenesis from the marine sponge Mycale izuensis.  
15921404 Merosesquiterpenes from two sponges of the genus Dysidea.  
16039133 Stereochemical determination and bioactivity assessment of (S)-(+)-curcuphenol dimers isolated from the marine sponge Didiscus aceratus and synthesized through laccase biocatalysis.  
16041137 Koshikamide A2, a cytotoxic linear undecapeptide isolated from a marine sponge of Theonella sp.  
16124239 Spatial and temporal variability of cytotoxic metabolites in populations of the New Zealand sponge Mycale hentscheli.  
16309305 Using jasplakinolide to turn on pathways that enable the isolation of new chaetoglobosins from Phomospis asparagi.  
16439119 Semi-synthetic preparation of the rare, cytotoxic, deep-sea sourced sponge metabolites discorhabdins P and U.  
16579793 Identification of norharman as the cytotoxic compound produced by the sponge (Hymeniacidon perleve)-associated marine bacterium Pseudoalteromonas piscicida and its apoptotic effect on cancer cells.  
16739962 Sustained growth of explants from Mediterranean sponge Crambe crambe cultured in vitro with enriched RPMI 1640.  
16958517 Cytotoxic macrolides from a new species of the deep-water marine sponge Leiodermatium.  

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