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10410335 Marine spongean cytotoxins.  
11488521 Structure-activity relationship studies of discodermolide and its semisynthetic acetylated analogs on microtubule function and cytotoxicity.  
11575970 A new isoquinoline alkaloid from the marine sponge Haliclona species.  
11678655 New cytotoxic sesterterpenes from the sponge Sarcotragus species.  
11858754 Cytotoxic effect (on tumor cells) and in vitro antiviral activity against herpes simplex virus of synthetic spongiane diterpenes.  
12088447 Cytotoxic sphingosine 4-sulfates from the sponge Spirastrella abata.  
12098321 Leucamide A: a new cytotoxic heptapeptide from the Australian sponge Leucetta microraphis.  
12141875 A new cytotoxic calyculinamide derivative, geometricin A, from the Australian sponge Luffariella geometrica.  
12193022 Novel cytotoxic oxygenated C29 sterols from the Colombian marine sponge Polymastia tenax.  
12193030 New and biologically active imidazole alkaloids from two sponges of the genus Leucetta.  

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