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11211086 Controlled release of vascular endothelial growth factor by use of collagen hydrogels.  
11442314 Progressive decrease in constrictor reactivity of the non-absorbing intestine during chronic sepsis.  
12168663 Collagen-targeted BMP3 fusion proteins arrayed on collagen matrices or porous ceramics impregnated with Type I collagen enhance osteogenesis in a rat cranial defect model.  
12464075 Patterns of follicular growth in superovulated sheep and influence on endocrine and ovarian response.  
12586503 Repairing of rabbit skull defect by dehydrothermally crosslinked collagen sponges incorporating transforming growth factor beta1.  
12604694 Modulatory effect of bolinaquinone, a marine sesquiterpenoid, on acute and chronic inflammatory processes.  
12721113 Cacospongionolide B suppresses the expression of inflammatory enzymes and tumour necrosis factor-alpha by inhibiting nuclear factor-kappa B activation.  
12753866 Transplantation of skin fibroblasts expressing BMP-2 promotes bone repair more effectively than those expressing Runx2.  
12816291 Inhibitory effects of incadronate on the progression of rat experimental periodontitis by porphyromonas gingivalis infection.  
12822640 A pig model of chronic heart failure by intracoronary embolization with gelatin sponge.  

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