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12865008 Diagnosis and surgical treatment of cavernous sinus hemangiomas: an experience of 20 cases.  
1321265 [A fifty-two week oral chronic toxicity study of suplatast tosilate (IPD-1151T) in rats].  
1330236 Adhesion, growth, and matrix production by osteoblasts on collagen substrata.  
1384855 Reversible depigmentation of human melanoma cells by halistanol trisulphate, a novel marine sterol.  
1390444 Effect of chemical modifications on the susceptibility of collagen to proteolysis. II. Dehydrothermal crosslinking.  
1423910 Hepatic insulin resistance during chronic hyperdynamic sepsis.  
15023865 Sponge-induced angiogenesis and inflammation in PAF receptor-deficient mice (PAFR-KO).  
15109098 Biocompatibility and biodegradation of cross-linked gelatin/hyaluronic acid sponge in rat subcutaneous tissue.  
15199591 Structural design of the dry fibrin sealant dressing and its impact on the hemostatic efficacy of the product.  
15743890 A role for Rho and Rac in secretagogue-induced amylase release by pancreatic acini.  

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