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19002382 Extracts of marine sponge Polymastia janeirensis induce oxidative cell death through a caspase-9 apoptotic pathway in human U138MG glioma cell line.  
1907020 Energy metabolism changes and oxidative attack after hepatic arterial embolization and chemoembolization in thioacetamide-induced cirrhotic livers.  
19232362 Cilostazol and pentoxifylline decrease angiogenesis, inflammation, and fibrosis in sponge-induced intraperitoneal adhesion in mice.  
19278685 Structural studies of ionic liquid-modified microemulsions.  
19318651 Chlorhexidine-impregnated sponges and less frequent dressing changes for prevention of catheter-related infections in critically ill adults: a randomized controlled trial.  
19508736 Arterial embolization of an extrapleural hematoma from a dislocated fracture of the lumbar spine: a case report.  
19576061 [Scleral buckling combined with intravitreal gas injection for treatment of retinal detachment in vitrectomized eyes without silicon oil tamponade].  
19649687 Randomized placebo-controlled trial on local applications of opioids after hemorrhoidectomy.  
19788044 Effect of wetness level on the suitability of wet gauze as a substitute for Superflab as a bolus material for use with 6 mv photons.  
19808216 Bone disease in medullary sponge kidney and effect of potassium citrate treatment.  

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