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10149973 The utility of collagen-based vehicles in delivery of growth factors for hard and soft tissue wound repair.  
10204983 Study on gelatin-containing artificial skin: I. Preparation and characteristics of novel gelatin-alginate sponge.  
10437102 [An experimental study of prevention of peridural adhesion following laminectomy].  
10490676 Studies on gelatin-containing artificial skin: II. Preparation and characterization of cross-linked gelatin-hyaluronate sponge.  
1065577 [Primary healing of intraoral bone defects under the effect of local and general antibacterial prophylaxis].  
11286161 [Transplantation of cultured human keratinocyte on collagen sponge].  
11336307 EGF containing gelatin-based wound dressings.  
11350511 Bone morphogenetic protein-2 stimulates cell recruitment and cementogenesis during early wound healing.  
11523029 Development of an artificial dermis preparation capable of silver sulfadiazine release.  
11545312 Study on gelatin-containing artificial skin IV: A comparative study on the effect of antibiotic and EGF on cell proliferation during epidermal healing.  

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