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10217716 Chemistry of verongida sponges. 9.1 secondary metabolite composition of the caribbean sponge aplysina cauliformis  
11179440 Dolastatin 11, a marine depsipeptide, arrests cells at cytokinesis and induces hyperpolymerization of purified actin.  
11325241 Microxine, a new cdc2 kinase inhibitor from the Australian marine sponge Microxina species.  
11754615 Antifungal alkyl amino alcohols from the tropical marine sponge Haliclona n. sp.  
11836101 Antioxidant potential of natural and synthesised polyprenylated hydroquinones.  
12049814 Novel benzimidazole derivatives selectively inhibit endothelial cell growth and suppress angiogenesis in vitro and in vivo.  
12932129 Mycalosides B-I, eight new spermostatic steroid oligoglycosides from the sponge Mycale laxissima.  
14871022 Inhibitory action of novel arginine derivative on catecholamine secretion evoked by acetylcholine from cultured bovine adrenal chromaffin cells.  
15214798 Inhibition of cytokine production by hymenialdisine derivatives.  
15458814 Arsenolipids.  

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