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19022675 Psammaplin A as a general activator of cell-based signaling assays via HDAC inhibition and studies on some bromotyrosine derivatives.  
19159277 The marine sponge Diacarnus bismarckensis as a source of peroxiterpene inhibitors of Trypanosoma brucei, the causative agent of sleeping sickness.  
19941026 Culture of explants from the sponge Mycale cecilia to obtain bioactive mycalazal-type metabolites.  
20043312 Semisynthetic latrunculin derivatives as inhibitors of metastatic breast cancer: biological evaluations, preliminary structure-activity relationship and molecular modeling studies.  
20098604 Antiplasmodial activities of homogentisic acid derivative protein kinase inhibitors isolated from a Vanuatu marine sponge Pseudoceratina sp.  
20620236 C60 fullerene-pentoxifylline dyad nanoparticles enhance autophagy to avoid cytotoxic effects caused by the β-amyloid peptide.  
20634081 New bioactive halenaquinone derivatives from South Pacific marine sponges of the genus Xestospongia.  
20684858 3D-QSAR studies of latrunculin-based actin polymerization inhibitors using CoMFA and CoMSIA approaches.  
20714430 Bromopyrrole alkaloids as lead compounds against protozoan parasites.  
20734109 Salarin C, a member of the salarin superfamily of marine compounds, is a potent inducer of apoptosis.  

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