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11179440 Dolastatin 11, a marine depsipeptide, arrests cells at cytokinesis and induces hyperpolymerization of purified actin.  
11836101 Antioxidant potential of natural and synthesised polyprenylated hydroquinones.  
18291604 Synthesis and evaluation of functional hyperbranched polyether polyols as prospected gene carriers.  
1853363 Effect of avarol, avarone and nine of their natural and synthetic derivatives on microsomal drug-metabolizing enzymes.  
21139802 Cell adhesion molecule CD44: its functional roles in prostate cancer.  
23214495 Reactions of 11-Vertex Rhodathiaboranes with HCl: Synthesis and Reactivity of New Cl-Ligated Clusters.  
6414438 2 Methylene-beta-alanine methyl ester: a toxic amino acid originating from the sponge Fasciospongia cavernosa.  

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