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10514323 A new cacospongionolide derivative from the sponge Fasciospongia cavernosa.  
11667285 Bengazoles C-G from the Sponge Jaspis sp. Synthesis of the Side Chain and Determination of Absolute Configuration.  
12298019 Asymmetric total synthesis of (-)-callystatin A and (-)-20-epi-callystatin A employing chemical and biological methods.  
12913302 Structural studies and antifungal activity of unique polyene amides, clathrynamide A and three new derivatives, from a marine sponge, Psammoclemma sp.  
16584349 Fabrication of cultured oral gingiva by tissue engineering techniques without materials of animal origin.  
17683052 Long-chain polyamines (LCPAs) from marine sponge: possible implication in spicule formation.  
19159277 The marine sponge Diacarnus bismarckensis as a source of peroxiterpene inhibitors of Trypanosoma brucei, the causative agent of sleeping sickness.  
19199645 Anti-inflammatory sesquiterpenoids from a sponge-derived Fungus Acremonium sp.  
19464054 Gene transfer efficiency of high primary amine content, hydrophobic, alkyl-oligoamine derivatives of polyethylenimine.  
20353167 Polyaxibetaine, an amino acid derivative from the marine sponge Axinella polypoides.  

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