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15670907 Halenaquinone and xestoquinone derivatives, inhibitors of Cdc25B phosphatase from a Xestospongia sp.  
17127667 Halichondria sulfonic acid, a new HIV-1 inhibitory guanidino-sulfonic acid, and halistanol sulfate isolated from the marine sponge Halichondria rugosa Ridley & Dendy.  
17134381 Development of a new wound dressing with antimicrobial delivery capability.  
21530566 Desulfohaplosamate, a new phosphate-containing steroid from Dasychalina sp., is a selective cannabinoid CB2 receptor ligand.  
6673190 Steroids in Porifera. II. Steroid derivatives from two sponges of the family Halichondriidae. Sokotrasterol sulfate, a marine steroid with a new pattern of side chain alkylation.  
7532006 Mechanism of inhibition of HIV reverse transcriptase by toxiusol, a novel general inhibitor of retroviral and cellular DNA polymerases.  
8074664 The marine natural product, halistanol trisulfate, inhibits pp60v-src protein tyrosine kinase activity.  
9014348 Haliclostanone sulfate and halistanol sulfate from an Indo-Pacific Haliclona sponge.  

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