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20067467 In vitro and in vivo antineoplastic activity of a novel bromopyrrole and its potential mechanism of action.  
20205407 The intermediate state of DMPG is stabilized by enhanced positive spontaneous curvature.  
2087399 [Experimental study of ferromagnetic induction heating combined with hepatic arterial embolization for treatment of liver tumors].  
21375805 Development of a wound dressing composed of hyaluronic acid and collagen sponge with epidermal growth factor.  
2167647 [Chemoembolization combined with hepatic arterial induction of endogenous TNF and anticancer agents for hepatocellular carcinoma--a case report].  
21722419 Effect of EGF and bFGF on Fibroblast Proliferation and Angiogenic Cytokine Production from Cultured Dermal Substitutes.  
22470051 Systemic immunity influences hearing preservation in cochlear implantation.  
22494535 Mechanisms of drug resistance reversal in Dox-resistant MCF-7 cells by pH-responsive amphiphilic polyphosphazene containing diisopropylamino side groups.  
22497226 Effect of intermittent PTH(1-34) on human periodontal ligament cells transplanted into immunocompromised mice.  
22573240 Epidemic mortality of the sponge Ircinia variabilis (Schmidt, 1862) associated to proliferation of a Vibrio bacterium.  

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